We applied the first Coolsculpting treatment in Greece

Our Clinic introduced Coolsculpting in Greece.

The only Clinic with 2 Coolsculpting devices

Our Clinic introduced Coolsculpting in Greece.

The treatment is completed in half the time at no additional cost.

The simultaneous use of the 2 devices allows completing the treatment much faster, in half the time.

We have the new, more effective applicators.

We are the first clinic supplying the new, larger and more effective Coolsculpting appicators from the USA.

We are the only ones trained in the US

Our personnel has been trained in the US, at the head offices of Zeltiq, the manufacturer of Coolsculpting.

Achieve the best guaranteed result safely

In MC Medical Center we are proud to be the first and only medical center in Greece trusted by Zeltiq to offer the Coolsculpting procedure.

Many Coolsculpting treatment sessions are performed daily in our clinic, according to a strict medical protocol.

Clinics offering the Coolsculpting procedure are not all the same: The results depend on the experienced, specialized nursing staff; to achieve the maximum treatment effect, many months of training, practicing and attending special seminars are required.

During your first visit in our clinic

You will meet the specialized CoolSculpting nurse and doctor, and the treatment plan will be defined. It is important to discuss the goals you have specified for your body and check the areas that interest you together. Priority will be given to the area showing greater problem, but clinical assessment will guide you for the desired overall image of your body.

CoolSculpting is liposculpture: The goal is to achieve the right body shape by sculpting the areas with accumulated local fat.

The treatment plan is individualized and tailored to your body and needs.